MOTHé Unleashed A Brand New Track


MOTHé returns with a brilliant new tune called Summer’s Almost Gone that brings summer to a close. This non-binary multi-instrumental artist never ceases to surprises with his composition, so this is the case with Summer’s Almost Gone as well. MOTHé unquestionably aims for a potential radio play with a combination of reverby melodies, pleasant harmonies, soothing chants, cheerful rhythms, and echoic ambiance. It is a thoughtfully assembled number that continuously levitates between dream pop, shoegaze, cinematic ambient, indie rock, alternative rock, and other similar genres. At some points, you may expect that this comprehensive collection of various ingredients might be too much, but MOTHé wisely assembled all these elements into polyphonous harmony.

Summer’s Almost Gone sounds divine from scratch to finish, thanks to MOTHé‘s brilliant ideas and musicianship, but it also has a lot to do with the production. The track is recorded at Sonic Ranch, El Paso, TX, and produced by Robert Stevenson (A Silent Film, Jeff Beck, Johnny Depp). MOTHé is heavily inspired by the works of David Bowie, so you might notice some similarities. However, MOTHé nurtures a unique sound that stands out from the rest of the contemporary indie rock scene. Summer’s Almost Gone is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube.







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