Transatlantic Duo Sky Is Alright Promotes A Debut Album

Transatlantic duo Sky Is Alright promotes a debut self-titled full-length material, which seen the light of the day on June 25th. The duo heavily promoted this particular material over social media with series of singles, such as Indigo Moon, Sky Is Alright, and Mistress Pessimist. The self-titled debut carries eight powerful compositions that are spanning over several music genres. Sky Is Alright escapes all the classifications into a singular genre, but the group resonates with spectacular orchestrations that are sounding unified into harmony.

Perhaps their music falls under the shoegaze branch, but the duo also explored dream pop, grunge alternative rock, indie rock, and noise rock. Sky Is Alright contains so many elements carefully assembled, so you can immediately recognize their sound as soon as you hear the initial tones. The group states Smashing Pumpkins, Slowdive, Mineral, American Analog Set, and you can unquestionably hear how these renowned bands affected their songwriting and composing. Still, Sky Is Alright proudly carry their unique style by adding even more ideas along the way. The album is available on Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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