Everything But The Everything Promotes A Brand New Single Featuring Tobias Hawkins

Everything But The Everything featuring Tobias Hawkins

Oakland, CA producer Izzy The Gent (The Frail) features Tobias Hawkins on his new single named Denials. Tobias Hawkins is perhaps most famous for his contributions to the renowned bands such as Counting Crows and Laundry (featuring Tim Alexander of Primus), but he also collaborated with countless other artists over the years. Besides Hawkins, Izzy The Gent also features Andrew Gomez (Echo Brain) on keys, Landon Cisneros (NVRS LVRS) on guitars, and Rex Shelverton (Vue) as a produces. Izzy The Gent took all the responsibilities on bass guitar, songwriting, and composing. Denials was recorded in Secret Studios in San Francisco, with Rex Sherlverton as the studio producer and Izzy The Gent as the music producer and co-studio producer. Everything But The Everything is a brainchild of Izzy, who incites fellow musicians and friends to collaborate on particular numbers, composed by himself.

Tobias is the most rock and roll person I have ever met. My first impression of Tobias was that he looked like Rock n’ Roll if Rock n’ Roll was a person and his voice. His vocal delivery teetered from hair metal to glam, always dark and delivered with power. I totally dug it. This will be our fourth collaboration together, and I hope there’s more to come.” – Izzy the Gent.

Denials possesses all the qualities of post-punk, dark-wave, and alternative rock. Tobias Hawkins’s profoundly emotive performance will indulge listening apparatuses of all the admirers of modern post-punk sound. The involved musicians showcase tremendous musicianship, which perfectly matches Izzy The Gent’s brilliant songwriting/composing abilities. It’s an echoic, melancholic post-punk number with an engaging rhythmic structure that forces you to move to the beats.

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