Murnau Stream Their Brand New Single

Murnau are streaming their brand new single. Repent represents a follow-up of Salamander, their second studio album. The duo solely relies upon grunge aesthetics, but you’ll realize there’s more than meets the eye as soon as you delve deeper into the song. Besides grunge sound, you’ll encounter some other ingredients, such as post-punk, goth rock, alternative, and metal. Despite the decent amount of various genres involved, Murnau nurtures harmonious sound that perfectly matches to beforementioned grunge aesthetics. The involved musicians played in a couple of bands together since high school, so Murnau sounds well-rehearsed, organized, and compact during the entire composition.

Repent possesses decent amounts of shoegaze ambiance that fits the dominant grunge sound. The shoegaze interference is vividly hearable during the verses, while the choruses are floating around fundamentals of nineties grunge and alternative. The group feels comfortable in these waters, and you can notice that during their performance. Murnau balances between calmness and power throughout the entire composition without sounding repetitious and predictable. Quite the contrary, Repent sounds entertaining from beginning to end. Repent is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, and YouTube.

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