Lake Of Snakes Are Promoting Their Debut Single

Lake Of Snakes
Photo By Stuart Southwell

Lake Of Snakes are promoting their debut single. Rough Love has been a part of every live set since the inception of the band, so the group decided to include this composition on their debut cassette release. The number casts a sarcastic gaze at prison brutality, directly inspired by a Feech La Manna monologue from The Sopranos and detonating right out the gate like a wayward shiv. The group replaces guitars with brass section, which transmits equal power as guitars, but it offers entirely another perspective on post-hardcore as a genre. Both bass and electric guitars are still present in the mix, but the main focus is on the powerful baritone saxophone performance.

Lake Of Snakes
Photo By Stuart Southwell

The band takes the colossal riffs and dynamics from post-hardcore and adapts them for a more jazzy approach. Lake Of Snakes solely relies upon echoic post-punk aesthetics, so besides dominant baritone saxophone themes, you may hear profoundly detailed reverby post-punk guitar performance. The delicate low-end tones and flawless rhythm section are keeping everything compact and dynamic from scratch to finish. The vocals are coming like a cherry on the top with generous portions of well-articulated shoutouts. Lake Of Snakes demonstrates how post-hardcore can sound fresh and unique by adding a saxophone, but without losing any dynamics along the way. Rough Love is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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