Kill My Coquette Are Promoting Their Latest Single LA’s Gonna Tear You Apart

Kill My Coquette

Kill My Coquette are promoting their latest single, LA’s Gonna Tear You Apart. After critically acclaimed debut Cage, Kill My Coquette returns back with another dosage of rock’n’roll infused punk rock. Led by Natalie Denise Sperl, a renowned actress and model, the band delivers the best affinities of classic punk rock and rock’n’roll through profoundly dynamic rhythmic segments, thoughtfully assembled low-end tones, powerful chord progressions, and charismatic chants. With all these qualities, the sound of Kill My Coquette are the real deal for all the admirers of pure punk rock music who’re in search of classic late seventies/early eighties sound.

Kill My Coquette - LA' Gonna Tear Your Apart

LA’s Gonna Tear You Apart resembles some renowned artists/groups who paved the way for the newer generations back in the day, such as X, Joan Jett, New York Dolls, Social Distortion, but also some game-changing artists like Brody Dalle, Spinnerette, and Jack White. Kill My Coquette are heavily inspired by all these artists/groups, but you can also notice some more subtle touches of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan. The band draws influences from many brilliant artists but still sounds fresh and unique. LA’s Gonna Tear You Apart proudly represents the 21st rock’n’roll sound.

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