Victory Kid – Discernation LP (SBÄM Records)

Victory Kid - Discernation LP - SBÄM Records

We’re all witnessing a pop-punk revival, and cool new bands are popping from every part of the globe. Luckily, most of these new bands are sounding incredibly good, and not only do they’re sound good, but they’re offering some new moves rarely seen/heard before. With all these revivals popping out in recent years, the key is to sound fresh and unique so these revivals could last much longer. Fortunately, the group I am introducing to you today showcases some impressive maneuvers that will indulge listening apparatuses of all those pop-punk fans who’re demanding more from this particular genre. Victory Kid roams the pop-punk scene for a while now. Since its inception, the group has released series of singles such as Tuck Frump, My World, Clownin’, Adrenaline, and Stepping Out. Besides singles, Victory Kid also released two extended plays, Illenials and Thrillenials. The group recently signed to SBÄM Records to release a debut full-length recording named Discernation. Pre-orders are starting on July 21st, while the digital release date is set to August 13th. The vinyl version comes on September 17th due to the delays in pressing plants caused by the pandemic.

Discernation contains fourteen powerful pop-punk compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest admirers of the genre. However, Victory Kid is more than an ordinary pop-punk group. Besides sheer dominance of pop-punk sound, the band introduces some other ingredients such as ska, reggae, and skate punk. For those experienced pop-punk fans who’re knee-deep into the latest trends on the scene, this may seem like nothing new, but Victory Kid is exploring these elements in an entirely unique way. There’s something in their style that keeps this material fresh and unique from scratch to finish. The group thoroughly explores all the fundamentals of these genres and applies them to thoughtfully assembled pop-punk tunes. Nevertheless, Victory Kid doesn’t sound like another overproduced pop-punk group that you stumbled upon countless times before. Their music contains a particular dosage of aggression, dynamics, and power that is entirely uncommon for this scene.

You may hear some interventions of power pop along the way, especially during the profoundly harmonious choruses. The amount of polyphonic delicacies, melodies, chord progressions, riffs, and themes is surprising, to say the least. It seems that the band decided to invest all their ideas into this particular material without sparing themselves during the songwriting/composing process. The band easily transits from mellow, singalongish pop-punk into more robust melodic punk rock segments and then, explores some ska or reggae waters, depending on the mood of the current composition. The generous servings of ska shops and accentuations are present throughout the entire album, but these ingredients are not spoiling the pop-punk aesthetics at all. Victory Kid surprises with each following number, and you will be positively surprised by the number of brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship of the entire band. It is one of those records you’ll fall in love with as soon as you listen to it for the first time, and you’ll probably spin it all over again. Discernation is a must for every pop-punk/ska-punk fan. The vinyl comes in two variants. You can pick between clear red/with multiple tones of red splatter and clear with red/white splatter. The vinyl pre-orders start tomorrow, July 21st, on SBÄM Records, so don’t miss your chance to grab this gem while it lasts.

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