Jem Doulton Shares The Third Single Featuring Thurston Moore And Kevin Toublant

Jem Doulton and Thurston Moore

Drummer par excellence Jem Doulton shares his latest, third single featuring Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Kevin Toublant (Róisín Murphy’s Band). Jem Doulton is famous for his collaborations with Thurston Moore and for being a touring drummer of Róisín Murphy for years, so these collaborations came naturally. Perhaps My Brain’s In My Skin appears as an experimental composition, but it carries a strong political message, decorated with dosages of healthy humor and sarcasm. Jem wrote lyrics as a short story by reimagining the Creation, explaining how the higher entity created a white man as a superior being and a black man but implemented his brain in his skin. God thought this should be a relative in terms of a higher and lesser being, but he completely forgot that his creations could eventually end up in sexual intercourse.

Jem Doulton offered an in-depth explanation: “I guess it comments on power, where it resides, and which parts of society formed the narrative. There are many avenues of thought to go down here but ultimately it’s an absurdist dismissal of racism and with its prejudice, especially when those who hold such views, often come at it from a place of superiority and/or take the moral high ground – so what better place is there to dismiss that than from the “highest” power? A power that a lot of people who have these views also believe in and use as a crutch in their own immorality”.

Jem Doulton - My Brian's My Skin

My Brain’s In My Skin showcases brilliant ideas, exquisite musicianship, and experience colliding into a meaningful composition. Each musician provides his best performance fused into psychedelic, industrial, electro, dark wave number. You may hear some other ingredients included along the way, such as dark ambient, experimental noise, dream pop, dark pop, and many other similar elements that are enhancing the meaningful message of this trio. Almost every one of these experienced musicians has decades spent in jazz, free improvisation, noise rock, so My Brain’s In My Skin sounds like an enhanced version of all these beforementioned genres, but with more stable rhythmic structures. My Brain’s In My Skin is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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