Requiem & Simon McCorry Are Sharing A Debut Single From Their Collaborative Album

Requiem & Simon McCorry - Critical; Mass

Unknown; Pleasures is the first single by Requiem and Simon McCorry. Both the duo and the artists are promoting Critical; Mass, their collaborative full-length material, set for a release on July 16th by KEXP DJ Alex Ruder’s DIY label Hush Hush Records. Unknown; Pleasures showcases a harmony achieved by blending several experimental music genres with post-rock. Avant-garde genres like ambiance and drone are playing a significant role in creating the atmosphere, while the post-rock orchestrations are floating around as an extra layer of sound. Both Requiem and Simon McCorry reached perfection by blending these three elements, but you may also hear subtle interventions of musique concrete lurking around along the way.

Requiem and Simon McCorry are serving generous portions of soothing polyphonic soundscapes. Each segment provides layer upon layer of pleasant melodies, harmonies, ambiances, drones, and other sonic delicacies that will unquestionably suit all the fans of avant-garde music genres. It’s a cathartic listening experience that serves as a perfect soundtrack when you need to lay back and relax. Unknown; Pleasures is available at streaming services such as Spotify, and Bandcamp. Critical; Mass is coming out tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled on streaming services and Hush Hush Records.

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