Rec Syndrome Promote Their Latest Single With A Video

Spanish alternative rock group Rec Syndrome are promoting their latest single with Mascarilla with the appropriate video. The purpose of this particular composition is to process all the situations and circumstances from the last year. The video follows the same aesthetics and vividly describes all the topics from 2020. It was the way for the band to express themselves and their feelings about it. Soundwise, Rec Syndrome are solely relying upon several elements that unquestionably define their sound. Besides the predominant presence of alternative rock, you may stumble upon an indie rock, stoner rock, punk rock, and some other similar subgenres of rock music. All these elements are combined in a colossal slab of noise that perfectly matches the thematics of the song.

Rec Syndrome

Perhaps Rec Syndrome is a relatively new band that operates for a couple of years, but they established their sound and gradually paving their way to the top of the Spanish alternative rock scene. The group released Piloto, debut extended play almost immediately after the initiation. Less than a year after this EP, the group released Plomo, which gathered plenty of positive critics from the alternative media. Mascarilla is the first single from the upcoming full-length that is currently in the works, but it will be released soon. Until then, enjoy this catchy number.

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