Bones In Butter Are Promoting Their Latest Single Her Cave

Bones In Butter

Bones In Butter is a Serbian group that defies any classification into a singular genre. It continuously evolves into various shapes and forms, but it always sounds bold, unique, and exciting. Led by principal songwriter Milutin Krasevic and supported by tremendous musicians from Belgrade and other parts of the globe, Bones In Butter always offers some new music that tickles curiosity. That’s the case with Her Cave, their latest single, which will indulge your listening apparatus with soothing melancholy, subtle harmonies, and gentle melodies. This particular composition reflects the Covid crisis and deals with the topic on a socio-psychological scale. Still, this number comes with an unexpected twist because it is wrapped up in a weird love story.

Bones In Butter

Bones In Butter embraces so many similar and non-similar music genres that it is hard to encompass them all in one sitting/listening. The group leads consumers through the story with vividly recognizable post-punk aesthetics, invigorated by a goth rock atmosphere. Nevertheless, Bones In Butter are not stopping there, but implementing even more ingredients along the way. You may stumble upon a strong presence of psychedelic rock melodies and harmonies, decorated by cinematic ambiances and nearly post-rock guitar maneuvers. There’s a certain progressive rock vibe lurking around, but it is not overwhelming the overall listening experience. Bones In Butter are measuring all the ingredients and applying them according to knowledge and sense of balance. Her Cave will be such a treat to those admirers of post-punk/goth rock sound who’re looking out for a more progressive side of these genres. Her Cave is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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