Mourning Noise – S/T CD (Cleopatra Records)

Mourning Noise - S/T CD - Cleopatra Records

To be honest, I was so excited when this gem popped up on my doorstep. This band may sound familiar to those who’re knee-deep into horror punk or hardcore punk, but it seems the younger generations of punk rockers are unfamiliar with the name, such as Mourning Noise. I cannot blame them since Mourning Noise lasted for a short period of time, and then the group never received enough credit for playing a part in developing the horror punk movement. The history of this band is quite interesting. According to the stories on the web, Mourning Noise was heavily influenced by the Misfits. Steve Zing lived close to Jerry Only and Doyle and went into a high school with Doyle. He used to hang out on the wall outside rehearsing space while the Misfits were rehearsing. Their sound made quite an impact on Zing’s playing and songwriting. Then Zing decided to sit behind the drumkit to start his own band, Mourning Noise. Although brief, Mourning Noise caused ruckus loud enough to get the attention of Danzig, who later recruited Zing as a bass player at his post-Misfits bands, Danzig and Samhain. However, we are talking about a very prolific musician, so Steve Zing also played bass or drums in Son Of Sam, The Undead, Chyna, and Doomtree later on.

Mourning Noise released several recordings in their short career, such as Dawn Of The Dead 7″, Runaway (Steve Zing solo, recorded with Mourning Noise members) 7″, Live Nightmares split 7″ with the Parasites, and a compilation named Death Trip Delivery. Thankfully, Cleopatra Records decided to reissue the complete works on both vinyl and compact disc. Cleopatra Records did an impressive job and included even the tiniest details about the band. The compact disc version even includes a rare live performance as a bonus, recorded in a legendary WFMU studio. This collection even contains outtakes of an unissued full-length, which are coming as a special treat for those record collectors who love to possess complete works on one sound carrier. This collection also includes entirely new liner notes written by Zing and an endorsement/ introductory by Glenn Danzig. The compact disc comes in a jewel case with an appropriate visual identity that follows recognizable horror-punk aesthetics.

Soundwise, Mourning Noise follows the already proven recipe that became quite recognizable in the underground circles. At some points, you can even notice how tremendous impact the Misfits had on this band, but as is usually the case, there’s always more than meets the eye. Besides vividly hearable explorations into the profoundly dynamic US punk rock sound, Mourning Noise also blends decent amounts of aggressive hardcore punk into their music. Their sound probably sounds familiar to Earth A.D./Wolf’s Blood, but except for similarities with Misfits, you may also hear resemblance with some New York, Boston Washington DC hardcore punk groups that lurked the scene back in the days. Nevertheless, Mourning Noise occasionally delves deep into surf rock, 50s rock and then returns to ultra-dynamic hardcore punk sound. This comprehensive collection unquestionably demonstrates the clash of several complementary genres that Mourning Noise tended to explore back in the day. From energetic rhythmic sequences and pacey guitar shreds to sincere vocal performance, Mourning Noise had every quality of any other renowned hardcore/punk rock band. Sadly, this band didn’t last any longer to receive the exposure of the broader auditorium, but this comprehensive collection serves as a remembrance of a brilliant horror punk band. Head over to Cleopatra Records for more information about ordering this horror-punk gem.

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