Neckscars Are Promoting Their Debut Full-Length With Not Enough JPM’s


Neckscars are promoting their highly anticipated full-length material with Not Enough JPM’s, one of the singles that ended being a part of an actual album. Not Enough JPM’s showcases all the brilliance of this Hudson Valey, NY quartet. The group bases the sound upon an abrasive but profoundly melodic punk rock, decorated with subtle touches of pop-punk and indie music. Still, Neckstars are leaving enough room for some decent amounts of aggression and dynamics. They continuously balance between all these elements without sounding predictable and repetitious. Quite the contrary, Neckscars are one of those bands that seeks your utmost attention from scratch to finish.

About the single: “Not Enough JPM’s came to life reflecting on how my negativity had out shadowed the good things in my life. I think many of us focus too much on what we haven’t achieved. I’m grateful to still be able to connect with people musically and be a part of this subculture.”

Don’t Panic is their debut full-length that contains ten highly energetic melodic punk rock compositions. The material is recorded/mixed at Nada Recording Studios by John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance, Brand New, Polar Bear Club) and Sean-Paul Pillsworth (Nightmares For A Week, The Inevitables). It’s also good to mention that is mastered by Jesse Cannon at Found Soundation. However, this is not the only recording by Neckscars. The group previously released singles such as Born Sick, Quarantine (acoustic sessions), Hybrid Moments (originally by Misfits), a split EP with Goddamnit, and again series of singles like Jarring, Not Enough JPM’s, and First Time Long Time. Don’t Panic is available at Engineer Records and Sell The Heart Records.

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