Jem Doulton Promotes One Of His Latest Singles

Jem Doulton Performing With Thurston Moore
Jem Doulton Performing With Thurston Moore

Jem Doulton promotes The Roam, one of his latest singles. This British drummer based in London is famous for working with Thurston Moore and Róisín Murphy. He collaborated with Moore on his singles Cease Fire and MX Liberty and full-length recordings, such as Spirit Counsel and By The Fire. Doulton also toured with Róisín Murphy for seven years, and he’s also involved in a psych-rock scene and free-improvisation events in London. With a portfolio like this, Jem Doulton decided to include all his favorite musicians and collaborators on a full-length record named Perfect Picture. Jem Doulton has a plan to release the track by track in a course of a year as part of a self-revealing journey. Each single will unwrap the details about involved musicians, visual identity, and all other necessary information.

Jem Doulton - Perfect Picture
Jem Doulton – The Roam

The Roam has a couple of guests joining Jem Doulton. This time Jem includes Rachel Kennedy of Flowers on bass guitar and Michael Winawer of Oi Va Voi on guitar. The Roam showcases an exploration into several music genres that are articulating together in harmony. The elements of psychedelic rock, progressive rock, art rock, alternative rock, indie rock, shoegaze, synth-pop, and indie-pop are vividly hearable during the entire composition. The involved musicians and Doulton made quite an experiment with this number, so you may experience melodies, harmonies, virtuosities, and other sonic delicacies like never before. It’s an unquestionably exciting voyage into the depth of psychedelic, progressive, polyphonic, harmonious experimental sounds, which will satisfy all the admirers of avant-garde music.

The Roam is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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