Sky Is Alright Promotes Debut Album With Indigo Moon

Transatlantic shoegaze duo Sky Is Alright promotes their debut full-length with Indigo Moon, another tremendous single that stands out with its powerful sound and catchy arrangements. Indigo Moon is the third single in a row after Sky Is Alright and Mistress Pessimist that gives a sneak peek into a debut, which is available for listening on their Spotify page. The group offers sophisticated sound built around several complementary genres, such as shoegaze, dream pop, post-rock, alternative, and indie rock, but you may also stumble upon some other similar genres. Their music emits calmy, cathartic, echoic, melancholic sounds that will appeal even to the pickiest admirers of the beforementioned genres.

Sky Is Alright - Indigo Moon

Sky Is Alright solely relies upon sophisticated melodies, harmonies, thematics, and other sonic delicacies delivered on subtly fuzzy guitars. However, the dirtiness of guitars perfectly matches melodic aesthetics and continuously whispering lead vocals. The exceptionally performed rhythm section contributes with a confident performance built upon moderate rhythmic acrobatics, various accentuations, and fills. Indigo Moon demands your utmost attention from scratch to finish and forces your listening apparatus to submerge into cathartic sounds of Sky Is Alright. You can enjoy Indigo Moon and the full-length album in its entirety via streaming services.

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