MOTHÉ Announces The Upcoming Album With Dancing On The Empty Floor


Dancing On An Empty Floor, a brand new single by MOTHÉ is available on all streaming services. The single announces an upcoming full-length recording. Still, release date is yet to be announced. Dancing On An Empty Floor delivers the seventies, eighties, and nineties indie pop/indie rock aesthetics, with a subtle touch of the contemporary trends that are currently roaming on the global music scene. MOTHÉ offers similar sonic maneuvers like the greats, such as David Bowie or Muse, but influences are not stopping there. Besides these renowned artists, you’ll notice countless more, but this creative artist leaves enough room for some personal touches.

MOTHÉ - Dancing On The Empty Floor

Dancing On An Empty Floor offers both fuzzy, distorted, dirty grunge ambiance on one side, but also surrenders enormous amounts of ear-appealing melodies, harmonies, and other sonic delicacies. MOTHÉ somehow manages to merge all interests and pack them up into a composition that will unquestionably suit all the fans of indie pop, indie rock, and electronic music. The album will be released by Slowlab Records. Keep your eyes peeled on their website for more information about MOTHÉ and many other brilliant artists. Until then, enjoy Dancing On An Empty Floor on preferable streaming services.

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