Uncensored - Μέσα μου Ζει CD - Polyscope

Uncensored – Μέσα μου Ζει CD (Polyscope)

Uncensored - Μέσα μου Ζει CD - Polyscope

No matter which genre we’re talking about, Greece has always been a fertile ground for exceptional bands. Pick any genre from melodic punk rock, crust punk, stoner, sludge metal, or plain hard rock, Greek bands are nailing it in every genre you could even imagine. I was fully aware of their experimental avant-garde scene and venues that hosted these kinds of events but never stumbled upon an experimental post-punk/post-rock group like Uncensored. Unexpectedly, this mixture works like a charm and represents a bit of refreshment on the alternative rock scene. As far as I am informed, Μέσα μου Ζει is a debut album by Uncensored, but the quality of this material goes way beyond the intermediate musicianship.

Μέσα μου Ζει includes nine illustrious compositions, decorated by luxurious production, excellent musicianship, and outstanding ideas. You’ll notice a strong bond between traditional Greek ethno music and world music heritage, but you will also stumble upon vividly hearable elements of free jazz, jazz, experimental, art-punk, post-punk, post-rock, and noise rock. Uncensored creates a unique platform where each of these ingredients can shine bright on the spotlight for a limited period without simultaneously spoiling other elements in their music. These combinations are uplifting each of these elements on an entirely new level. You will be pleasantly surprised how ethno music can sound unique when it is combined with post-rock or how free jazz pairs with some post-punk maneuvers. Each element directly affects other ingredients but in a very specific, delicate, and unique manner.

This comprehensive collection of characteristic tones and beats is smoothly delivered by highly experienced musicians. Their flawless musicianship and precision carry another dosage of listening pleasures. Uncensored consists of multiinstrumentalists who thoroughly explore all the musical possibilities, articulations, and maneuvers. The members are switching roles between these numbers, but the album doesn’t lack consistency. It would be pointless to compare Uncensored with some renowned groups because these musicians are deserving special treatment in my book. Their exquisite musicianship and brilliant ideas are going far beyond simplistic comparisons with other bands, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide about the similarities because this is an entirely subjective opinion.

Μέσα μου Ζει comes in a jewel case, decorated by the contemporary visual identity that highly resembles some post-punk artworks. As much as the art looks grimy, their music speaks quite the contrary. This is a colorful album built upon the musical knowledge of the involved musicians. The compact disc is available at Polyscope, but you can also listen to it at Bandcamp or Spotify if you’re more into streaming services.



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