Angry Youth – Dakar 2020

Angry Youth - Dakar 2020

Angry Youth is a Peruvian melodic punk rock group. It seems that the group keeps themselves incognito since I failed in an attempt to obtain any solid information about the group. To be quite honest, sometimes it can be difficult to reach out for some info, so dear musicians, take a couple of minutes of your time and write a proper biography about your band. You’ll ease the work for promoters, labels, interviewers, and music critics. The only info I somehow managed to dig out on the web is that Angry Youth formed back in 2014, and it currently consists of five members. The group released a couple of recordings since their formation, such as Change Of Ideas EP and Feelings EP. The group also appeared at a Tributo Al HxC Peruano 90s album with Ya Volverán / Te Acordás, originally performed by Unidad 4.

Today, I will talk about their most advanced material, called Dakar 2020. I adore the visual aesthetics of the band. Being a sci-fi fan myself, I can’t dodge the marvelous visual identity of Angry Youth. The cover artwork for this particular material includes an astronaut lurking on the moon with an Astro themed golf cart parked on a moon surface in the very background. The logo consists of a constellation themed logo, which is such a perfect addition to their overall visual identity. Perhaps this logo style doesn’t relate to the name itself but somehow works for this particular release. Dakar 2020 contains eight brand new compositions that will unquestionably suit fans of melodic punk rock music. The group explores everything from old school skate punk rock to melodic hardcore, but also includes bits and pieces of pop-punk rock, emo and alternative rock.

You may stumble upon vigorous hardcore punk songs, but the group changes the pace in a matter of seconds and leans towards more moderate melancholic moments. At some points, these interpolations are mostly notable through lead vocals that are dictating particular segments, while the group offers a full-specter of various musical maneuvers. Angry Youth is nearly incomparable with other bands, mainly because of their entirely diverse compositions, but you may hear a slight resemblance with some renowned acts who shaped the scene during the mid to late nineties. This blend of skate punk, pop-punk, and melodic hardcore entirely works for them. Therefore, you cannot go wrong if you give this album a chance. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about Dakar 2020.

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