Elder Abuse – Take It Easy EP (Little Rocket Records)

Elder Abuse - Take It Easy EP - Little Rocket Records

Elder Abuse is a melodic punk rock quintet emanating from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The group consists of the members who previously played in bands such as Daggermouth and Ceilings. The current line-up comprises Alex Guidry on vocals, Michael Fardoe on guitar, Brendan McLean on guitar, Sean Kaye on bass guitar, and Max Power on drums. Since their formation, Elder Abuse released a dozen of recordings such as a debut-full length Born To Lose, a split release with Crab Legs, a split release with Anchorless, and another full-length album called Burnt. After a couple of years spent working on a new songs, Elder Abuse comes back with a brand new material named Take It Easy.

Take It Easy carries three brand new melodic punk numbers completely overwhelmed by exceptional musicianship and bright ideas. Elder Abuse explores genres such as skate punk, pop-punk, melodic hardcore, and creates a specific polyphonous atmosphere. These experimentations with complementary music genres resulted in a distinctive sound that will satisfy the fans of harmonious music. The group continuously examines contemporary trends in melodic punk rock but also pays respect to old school skate punk sound from time to time. These occasional throwbacks in the golden era of skate punk music coordinate with a dominant modern sound, so Elder Abuse appears as harmonious machinery throughout the entire material.

You’ll hear resemblance with their previous groups, but also with other contemporaries who’re relying upon pop-punk, skate punk, and melodic hardcore sound. The first thing you’ll stumble upon while listening is wondrously performed harmonizations. Both guitars are firing highly engaging themes with such ease, so their performance bursts with a lot of confidence and stability from scratch to finish. The basslines are emerging from beneath, but they’re fully hearable throughout the entire album. The bass guitar completely supports the orchestrations provided by the guitars. Exceptional drumming performance liberates stable rhythmical sequences, decorated with constant splashing over the cymbals, various accentuations, and energetic drum fills. Lead vocals are contributing to the overall listening experience with profoundly melodic chants. It’s good to mention that Chris Cresswell contributed to this material by sharing the part of vocal duties on an opening song.

Take It Easy represents a proper continuation of preceding recordings by this experienced group. Elder Abuse especially shines bright during slower compositions, when the moderate tempo dictates the subtly melancholic orchestrations. Their pop-punk side works in a homogenous harmony with skate punk and melodic hardcore aesthetics of the band. You should check out this EP if you’re into melodic punk rock sound. Head over to the Little Rocket Records Bandcamp page for more information about this release.

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