Spit Kink – Yes To Everything CS (Swimming Faith / Feral Kid Records)

Spit Kink is one of the latest additions to the Swimming Faith Records roster. This project involves Laura Loogie and Kid Spitholomeaux, alter ego of John Toohill, known for being the unstoppable creative force behind the label. Spit Kink differs from the remaining portion of the Swimming Faith catalog, mainly because it encompasses all the qualities of other Toohills outlets. Still, Spit Kink operates in quite the opposite direction and keeps things as minimal as possible.

Yes To Everything represents a debut demo recording comprised of seven compositions, built upon dominantly explicit lyrics and appropriate minimal electro-synth base. Soundwise, the rhythm machine prevails throughout the complete demo, but the remaining instruments are hearable enough. Almost analog basslines are responsible for the vast portion of melodies on Yes To Everything, and they also attain as a compounding element between rhythmical structures and remaining orchestrations. However, Spit Kink includes synth bass at some numbers to circumvent repetition or enhance the atmosphere with more electronics. The minimal involvement of guitars leaves more space for various experimentations with electro-synth maneuvers, samples, and other accentuations. Still, guitars are present on these recordings, but also as the beforementioned accentuations.

John prefers some guitar effects over his vocals, such as pitch shifter, octaver, and vibrato. Subtle female vocals are supporting his chants, but it seems like her vocals are forgotten somewhere in the very background. Still, compelling singalongs are empowering these numbers with occasional jumps here and there. Spit Kink solely focuses on the delicate lyrics, while the music serves as a support for almost spoken word styled chants. Yes To Everything comes on a cassette at Swimming Faith Records, but there’s also a lathe-cut version released by Feral Kid Records. Pick up your weapon of choice and support Spit Kink if you’re into some electro-synth acrobatics.

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