Death Of Youth - Suburban Dystopia 12" EP - Engineer Records

Death Of Youth – Suburban Dystopia 12″ EP (Engineer Records)

Death Of Youth searched for the formula to blend the essence of emotive hardcore with detailed harmonizations, characteristic for a newer school of melodic hardcore. This South East London based group ultimately succeeded in their strivings with their second recording named Suburban Dystopia. Whoever attempted to merge down these two similar genres, acknowledges this is not an effortless task, considering the enormous portion of the groups who previously tried the same and eventually failed. Death Of Youth spent a couple of years searching for the perfect formula that will enhance their ideas, shape up their articulation, and pave their way to the broader audience. Suburban Dystopia is the result of their explorations.

Suburban Dystopia comprises of five compositions, charged with sincere emotions, uncompromising energy, marvelously structured melodies, and exceptional arrangements. Screaming lead vocals are delivering these raw emotions straight to the consumer. In the meantime, arpeggiated harmonizations and chord progressions are defining the sound of the band. Melancholic themes are pairing to the lead vocals through various guitar dualities, thoughtfully arranged to accommodate the emotive aspect of the group. However, Death Of Youth doesn’t hesitate to showcase a fierce sound through dense hardcore shreds. Both guitars provide a marvelous performance throughout the complete recording.

These melancholic maneuvers are followed up by warm sounding basslines that fulfill the atmosphere with compelling tones. The bass guitar appears as an appropriate extension of the abovementioned guitar works, but also supports the dynamics presented by the excellent drumming performance. Through Suburban Dystopia, Death Of Youth represents a brand new, improved, polished sound of the group. This particular recording resembles some of the greats such as Touche Amore, Departures, La Dispute, Casey, More Than Life, Defeater, Funeral For A Friend, The Tidal Sleep, Birds In Row, State Faults, Goodtime Boys, Vales, Grade, and Terrible Love. However, Death Of Youth retains the personal touch throughout the entire album, and their articulation levitates somewhere between retrospective and contemporary music trends.

Suburban Dystopia is coming soon on 12” vinyl at Engineer Records. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re profoundly into melancholic music based upon the foundations of emotive and melodic hardcore sound. While you wait for this one, take some spare time and check out the remaining portion of the Engineer Records roster. The label carries thousands of exceptional emo, indie, indie rock, pop-punk, skate punk and melodic hardcore titles for you to discover.




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