Commando – Les Genoux Écorchés


Tired of constant repetitious modern punk rock bands who lacks memorable moments? You desperately require some fresh punk rock music, but you’re stuck with the same old overly produced records that are lacking dynamics? Commando is more than a good solution for all your intricacies and their debut album called Les Genoux Écorchés delivers a fine blend of classic punk rock that has been saturated with overflowing measures of old school hardcore punk. This Lyon, France based punk rockers will certainly astound you with their engaging, concise, but yet compelling two-minute compositions. The band consolidates fundamentals of old school hardcore punk onto foundations of 80s punk rock music and broadcasts a powerful message through profoundly energetic four-chord progressions. Commando has been gradually influenced by the 50s garage rock’n’roll scene as well, so you may encounter these obscure elements along the way. Their sound occupies supreme dynamics, brilliant arrangements, pleasant catchiness, and all the necessary dirtiness which is undoubtfully fundamental to this particular genre. The band unmistakably relies on robust mid-tempo drumming and abrasively rumbling basslines which are unquestionable foundations of the Commando’s character. The guitar tone mimics garage rock sound because of the subtle portions of distortion, but the chord progressions are definitely delivered with a lot more velocity and style. Vocals are varying from clean singing to shouting, and this particular singing technic is providing a lot of balance to the fearsome sound of the entire band. The entire material has been enhanced by catchy singalongs that have been thoughtfully implemented at all the appropriate localities, so these small details are perhaps not so important, but they’re certainly highlighting all the compositions. The album has been accompanied by the simplistic photo of soldiers lighting their cigarettes, and there are no other details displayed. Also, there are no details about possible physical copies, so I could not confirm if Les Genoux Écorchés has been published on vinyl or compact disc. This material deserves your attention, especially if you’re into catchy 80s punk rock music and you can check it out at Commando’s Bandcamp page for free.

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