Agenda – Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues LP (Fysisk Format)


These guys somehow sneaked under the radars of our blog, but luckily for our hearing apparatus, we’re covering their debut album today. Agenda is a powerful d-beat/crust quartet hailing from Stavanger, Norway, and so far the band has recorded a Demo (2013), Menneskehetens Massegrav 12” EP (Negative Vibes, 2014), 7” split release with Mørkt Kapittel (Negative Vibes, 2014), and a 7” split release with Afmagt (Co-Production Between Various Labels, 2017). Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues delivers a dozen of bone-crushing compositions that indicate an imminent apocalypse caused by the multiple faults of the mankind. Agenda transmits a pleasant sonic terror in a delicate, but yet an aggressive mixture of d-beat, crust punk, and black metal music. This wide array of similar underground genres has been merged into a singular complex slab of organized chaos, accompanied by blistering vocals which are playing one of the most important roles in the perfectly balanced sound of Agenda. The complex slab consists of memorable shreddings that have been polarized to epic melodic moments and vigorous riffages, technically precise basslines that uplift the massiveness of the Agenda’s sound and highly dynamic drumming full of wondrous surprises, cleverly incorporated at almost every composition. Agenda truthfully transcribes the themes they’re covering on Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues, their music vividly displays the unavoidable collision between magnificent chaotical musicianship and post-apocalyptic topics throughout the entire album. The band took d-beat music on an entirely new level. The elements of crust punk and black metal music have subserved as perfect enhancing tools, the album sounds so tight from start to finish and considering that Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues is their debut LP, it seems that these Norwegian crusties are just getting started. Agenda undoubtfully deserves your full attention and this brilliant debut is a more than a good introduction into their version of d-beat music. The album has been accompanied by the epic post-apocalyptic imagery that displays the ruination of the urban areas. This artwork is such a great addition to the ferocious music of the Agenda. Apocalyptic Wasteland Blues has been on vinyl by Fysisk Format, a Norwegian record label established by the members of Okkultokrati, Årabrot, Aristillus, and Snöras. The album is also available at all streaming services, so pick up your weapon of choice and enjoy some quality music.

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