Fakofbolan – …Ako Ne Možeš Napraviti Sam, Bar Pokvari Drugome LP (PDV Records)


Seven years have passed since these legendary Croatian punk rockers have published …Ako Ne Možeš Napraviti Sam, Bar Pokvari Nekome, but in my honest opinion, this material still deserves a proper review. To be fair, it’s nearly impossible to even start a conversation about the Balkan punk rock scene and not to mention Fakofbolan. They’ve been around for 27 years, the band has a solid background, impressive discography, and countless fans who’re chanting their tunes at their live shows. But let’s talk about the packaging first, this LP comes in a high-quality cardboard sleeve accompanied by the simplistic illustration of fish and a tree, but in a matter of fact, pure gold lays inside this impressive LP. The booklet includes impressive illustrations, photo manipulations and comics by Johanna Marcade, Veljko Onjin, Igor Dača Hofbauer, Wostok, Sanja S, Bernarda Xilko, Miroslav Lazendić, Goran Dačev, Mihael Milunović, Radovan Popović, Gaz, Vančo Rebac, Katie Woznicki, Dunja Janković and Anna Ehrlemark. This art booklet is such an astonishing addition and a great artistic enhancement of the already impressive punk rock album. Musicwise, Fakofbolan are continuing with their unique mixture comprised of punk rock melodies, catchy street punk riffs, and uplifting elements of hardcore punk music. The band bursts enormous portions of energy through magnificent arrangements and very dynamic sonic segments that will definitely keep your attention throughout the entire album. Fakofbolan somehow maintains a very stable, firm, and undoubtfully diverting sound which retains freshness with each upcoming composition on the album. The band relies on vigorous riffages and memorable melodic fills that are certainly battling for domination over the massiveness of the highly dynamic rhythm section which carries the main portion of the sound. Both lead and choir vocals are playing one of the most important roles in the band. Vocals are well balanced between clean melodic singing and subtle shouting, so this particular singing technic goes hand in hand with brilliant sonic demonstrations by the remaining portion of the band. Lyrics are dealing with standard socio-political themes, dualities between upper and lower classes, various circumstances and ordinary issues that are surrounding every individual on a daily basis. The lyrics are thoughtfully written, arranged and suitable for the times we’re living in. …Ako Ne Možeš Napraviti Sam, Bar Pokvari Drugome undoubtfully bends the punk rock standards in so many ways and stands proud against the test of time. This wondrous material has been published by PDV Records and it’s still available on standard black vinyl, compact disc and it’s also available through all streaming services, so don’t miss the chance to grab this piece of punk rock history.

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