Utopia Now – Jefferson’s Baby EP (People Of Punk Rock Records)


Utopia Now is coming back with another highly anticipated release sympathetically called Jefferson’s Baby. Utopia Now has started as Indigo in 2002, has released two EP’s such as Out Of The Cradle – Endlessly Rocking (2002) & Wide Awake (2004). The band has shared the stage with some legendary names in the genre like Lagwagon, Anti Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Good Clean Fun, Venerea and many more. After the disbandment in 2007, the main vocalist, lyricist, and founder Stephan Serowy has decided to continue the legacy of Indigo, but as a solo project called Utopia Now. Since 2007, Utopia Now has released a dozen of incredible records such as Myopia (2007), Honey (2008), To Be Awoken (2009), Man In The Mirror (2010), Besides… (2012), and Dad’s Not Punk (2018). A brand new material delivers another portion of incredibly thoughtful melodic punk rock anthems, powered by the highly intelligent lyrics and a strong sense for amazing arrangements. Jeffersons’s Baby is a proper continuation of Utopia Now’s legacy, but with a lot more involvement of technically demanding segments, mainly achieved by astonishing guitar structures. These guitar structures have been enhanced with subtly layered guitars, separated between interesting bare chord progressions, fast-paced riffs and skillfully performed guitar fills. The basslines are supporting the guitars with warm sounding low frequencies, fulfilling the gaps between guitars and wondrously programmed rhythm section, so the entire recording has been loaded with rich melodic sound. Years of composing, rehearsing, performing and recording are more than hearable on these recordings. Stephan obviously put all the knowledge, blood, sweat and tears, so this material could proudly see the light of the day. From arrangements to production, Utopia Now wondrously showcases a hatful of improvements which certainly play a big part in the unquestionably enriched sound. Jefferson’s Baby has been published on a compact disc by People Of Punk Rock Records, the Canadian record label that carries an impressive amount of brilliant bands and acts. The CD can be purchased on the label’s website of Bandcamp page, so don’t miss your chance to check out an amazing German punk rock act.

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