Rovar17 & Xpldnglke – Miracles Of Orbanistan (Unsigned Records)


Miracles Of Orbanistan are reflecting the contemporary political climate in Hungary which has been disguised by the veil of autocratic democracy, mainly because of the extreme policies of Hungarian prime minister. However, this material indicates the Hungarian political condition through the album title, while the compositions are obtaining other, more abstract themes. Both projects are coming from Budapest and Rovar17 is a widely known experimental project with dozen of exceptional recordings and even more live performances across the globe. Xpldnhglke has been present on the noise scene for ages, but somehow I’ve missed his recordings. Miracles Of Orbanistan is their collaborative effort which has been displayed through five experimental avant-garde compositions varying from the fundamental school of experimental noise to the more ambient/drone experimentations with various sound sources. These compositions are mainly comprised of repetitive hypnotic loop sequences, field recordings, radio static, various sound sources, and loads of very dynamic noise segments. Both artists used time-stretched recordings to obtain a very eerie ambient sound, drone sections are insignificantly distorted, so they fulfill these recordings with massive lo-fi vibrations. The entire album sounds as organized noise machinery, the firmness of the sound is completely satisfying and it seems that both Rovar17 and Xpldnglke properly planned and rehearsed their collaborations way ahead of their recording sessions. Miracles Of Orbanistan could easily serve as a perfect soundtrack for some experimental horror movie, because of the eerie atmosphere that pervades the entire record. The loops are playing the central role in these sessions, repetitions are acting as a foundation to the rest of the presented experimentations, so these loops are a gamechanger and nothing would sound compact without them. Miracles Of Orbanistan has been published on five different audio cassettes by Unsigned, an experimental record label from Budapest. This is a very limited publication, but it’s also available digitally at the Unsigned’s Bandcamp page for one euro, so go ahead and support the incredible work of these prominent experimental artists and a very prolific recording label.

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