Parkrose – My Life At 210 EP


Parkrose is coming from Portland, OR and My Life At 210 is their latest offering to the wider audiences. The band is killing it right with the first beats of these recordings, their style can be best characterized as a skate punk sound that has been pervaded with a lot of genuine elements of melodic hardcore punk music. Unlike the greater portion of contemporary skate punk bands, Parkrose relies upon the rawness of their recordings, so the compositions are not treated with modern producing technics, but still, the sound is ferocious and interesting, dual guitar shreddings are delivering so much interesting melodic sequences, while basslines are pondering somewhere in between and providing a massive sound to the entire band. Each of these aforementioned instruments has been supported by the extremely precise drumming, so the band sounds highly energetic and entertainful throughout the entire EP. Their compositions evoke the skate punk sound from the beginning of the millennium, but the band incorporates a lot of memorable moments mainly presented through tight hardcore punk parts, so their music grows even bigger as the tunes pass by. This material could easily be paired with the music of the greats such as Good Riddance, 88 Fingers Louie, Strike Anywhere, Avail, BigWig and A Wilhelm Scream, but of course, the band leaves so much room for their brilliant ideas. My Life At 210 sounds so unique in comparison with the latest punk rock albums, Parkrose avoids the latest trends and hopefully, this band will become even bigger during the years. This material has been accompanied by an astonishing illustration of a skeleton skateboarder grinding the parked car somewhere in the neighborhood and it’s such a great addition to the magnificent EP. My Life At 210 is currently available on streaming services and it seems that this EP has been published digitally only, but this material deserves some vinyl treatment in the nearest future, so until then, support Parkrose by donating some bucks at their Bandcamp page.

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