Agnosy – When Daylight Reveals The Torture LP (Scream Records)


When Daylight Reveals The Torture is a third full-length album by the Agnosy, a crust punk band based in London, UK. Formed back in the spring of 2010. these guys have published a debut album Past The Point Of No Return in 2011. and Traits Of The Past in 2014. When Daylight Reveals The Torture presents an unrelenting destiny of the world, shrouded by the murky clouds, war, starvation, disease, global warming, corruption, mass media manipulation, the rise of the far-right fractions all over the world…etc. Agnosy covers all these issues in their compositions that are much more straightforward crust punk in contrast to their previous albums, but the elements of doom, death and thrash metal are still notable on a couple of tunes. The album commences with a great doomy arpeggiated chord progression which reckons to be the intro of Spit Out The Lies, a magnificent opening composition. Spit Out The Lies possesses characteristic thrashy riffs that unexpectedly transcendent into a profoundly energetic bone-crushing d-beat composition. From Hell is coming up next, and it’s another brilliant composition introduced by a compelling intro, powerful crust punk verse and chorus and a tremendous portion of obscure atmosphere throughout the entire song. When Daylight Reveals The Torture is the following composition on the bill and this one is leaning towards what’s to be known as neo-crust sound, but still, Agnosy delivers that distinctive tone with personal signature moves. This extraordinary composition possesses dozen of remarkable melodies and it’s no wonder why this track carries the name of the entire album. Scum is the fourth track on the list and an immediate punch in the face from start to finish. This composition represents all the ferociousness, aggression, precision and it carries the massive sound of the band. No Friends But The Mountains begins with another memorable intro that comes like a calm before the storm and leads us to the gloomy world of d-beat rhythms supported by palm-muted shreddings that are occasionally influenced by blackened crust punk. War Death Famine Plague symbolizes the conclusion of this remarkable album and the band draws even more extraordinary riffs from their sleeves, the sound is so dense, extensive, ultra-melodic for the crust punk standards, but that’s actually the virtue of this highly creative crusties. Rise Of The Right starts with another magnificent introduction performed in a form of arpeggiated chord progressions and this particular intro is seemingly the longest on the entire album, but everything is done with a more than a good reason. The band finishes up the album with another massive neo-crust tune that perfectly fits as a closing composition after the entire album comprised of absolute bangers. Agnosy has done it again, they’ve pulled another banging album full of incredible, thoughtfully arranged compositions pervaded with highly intelligent lyrics. The intelligence, eloquence, massiveness, ferociousness and pure aggression are the main features of When Daylight Reveals The Torture and the band certainly knows how to compound all the topics and music into one entirety. When Daylight Reveals The Torture has been published on vinyl by Scream Records, but it’s also available at Agnosy’s Bandcamp page for free, so give it a chance if you’re a fan of some quality dark crust punk music.

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