Fabled Mind – Passenger (LockJaw Records)


Fabled Mind is a skate punk rock band recently established in Copenhagen, Denmark and Passenger is their première full-length recording which has been published digitally by LockJaw Records a couple of days ago. The Passenger refers to the danger of becoming a passenger of your own life, without the capacity to modify certain circumstances and prevent yourself from falling in a maelstrom of a daily routine. Besides the foremost theme, Fabled Mind embraces a tremendous portion of topics about various aspects of life and consolidates them in personal observations pervaded with enormous doses of honesty. Besides personal observations about common social themes, the band also includes themes such as isolation, uncertain fate, common difficulties we’re all facing individually, but the band also covers some positive aspects of life such as friendships, good memories, great moments we experienced with loved ones. The band perceives both positive and negative circumstances in life and incorporates them with excellent skate punk music. The members of Fabled Mind are no strangers to the genre, they’ve represented Denmark’s underground punk rock scene for years, so Passenger sounds like a charm from start to finish. Musicwise, Passenger is one giant slab of ultrafast, supermelodic technicalities pervaded with enormously precise basslines and technically demanding drumming. The band took fundamentals of melodic hardcore punk, basics of skate punk and harmonies of pop-punk music, threw them all together into a blender, instantly resulting in a glorious melodic punk rock album that can pair to even bigger names in the game. Seriously, these guys are not fooling around when it comes to writing, composing and recording brilliant music, their musicianship is beyond comprehension and these skillful musicians put a lot of effort into these eleven compositions. Unlike the rest of the modern punk rock scene, these skilled musicians are cleverly avoiding metal music as much as possible, but it appears this particular genre had an enormous influence on them at some point, so the carriage of some heavy metal elements is occasionally notable. Instead of being heavily influenced by metal music, Fabled Mind relies on the 90s and 00s skate punk music, leaning towards modern pop-punk melodies and very precise shreddings characteristic for melodic hardcore punk music, resulting in a very melodic, well-composed, dynamic material full of thoughtfully implemented arrangements that will overwhelm you in every conceivable way. Passenger is currently available at all streaming services, but I sincerely hope this material will end up on vinyl or a compact disc in the nearest future. Until then, check out Fabled Mind’s and LockJaw’s pages and enjoy in some quality highly energetic skate punk music.

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