Bombardement – Bombardement LP (Destructure Records / Symphony Of Destruction)


It’s been a while since we covered a decent d-beat record, so today we have an opportunity to present a première full-length by Bombardement, a relentlessly genuine band from Bordeaux, France. The band has arranged to record an LP record by following their thriving Demo that has been recorded in 2016. What makes this band even more distinct and genuine is the main female vocals which are shredding your ears apart, so Bombardement appears even more appealing than any other d-beat band. The band relies on the incredible powerful riffages which are so characteristic for this remarkable genre, but the rhythm section sounds massive as well. Bass guitars are layered with fuzz or some other distortion pedal and the drums are sounding clean and brilliant with cymbals being produced so good, so every additional element of this wonderful punk band is equally hearable. Perhaps their music is comparable to the rest of the scene, ranging from characteristics of the bands such as Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Meanwhile, Disclose…etc, but the band also puts a lot of efforts in the arrangements, so you can notice some crust punk elements alongside some basics of d-beat. Chord progressions on this record are so good that you’ll be blown away by the effectiveness of the simplicity, but yet again, the strange complexity of presented compositions. This self-titled full-length is simply unavoidable if you’re a fan of the UK and Swedish d-beat hardcore punk scene with occasional leaps into some rock’n’roll and metal music. The album has been published on vinyl, but it’s also available digitally in collaboration among Destructure Records and Symphony Of Destruction, so give it a spin and judge for yourself.

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