Izae – Kvamb LP (Geenger Records)


Izae is a minimalist acoustic band originating from the historic township of Dubrovnik, Croatia and it’s comprised of Jadranka Katić, Adem Gušić, Dejan Seferović, and Žarko Dragojević. Instead of going with the flow like the rest of the acoustic bands and working on the much more complex instrumental constructions, Izae are relying on their abilities to assemble some calmful atmospherics through insignificant acoustics comprised of several instruments. The guitar is the most authoritative instrument on the entire recording, but you may also hear some bass guitar, keyboards, shakers, harmonica plus a lot more, but in remarkably minimal doses. The compositions are calmful, tender, atmospheric with guitar structures frequently performed in major chords and scales, so all the numbers are transcending some positive vibes which will cheer you up in some twisted, but entertaining way. The beauty of this quartet lays down in their inexhaustible ideas which are rudimentary on initial listening, but they’re evolving with time and every new consumption is providing more awareness of their sound. Besides all the exploration in minimalist acoustics, Izae are also paying a lot of attention to some other details, such as a composition entireties, so each song lasts for a minute and a half, or two minutes. It seems that the band plays on a safe card by remaining minimalist in every possible way, and Kvamb definitely demonstrates how short acoustic songs can sound so beautiful and creative in every imaginable way. Kvamb LP is up for pre-order at Geenger Records until the end of November, so make sure to pre-order your copy of the vinyl, if you’re into some minimalist acoustic explorations with generous portions of positive vibes.

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