Zombies No – Divided We Fall CD (Umlaut Records / Humano Derecho Records)


Zombies No is a powerful multicultural punk rock quintet with such an interesting background. The band was formed in Venezuela back in 2010, but based in Paris, France since 2017, these skillful musicians have shared the stage with some prominent melodic punk rock groups such as Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream, Adolescents, Darko, Drones, Eat Dirt, White Dog Suicide, SMF, F.O.D, Fluffy Machine, Blind Man Death Stare, Crowsview, Lineout…therefore they’ve performed in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador; United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia, Austria. The band showcases an ultimate combination of ultra-melodic punk rock, mixed with a bit of hardcore punk and intelligent lyrics about social consciousness, personal stances about various topics, human rights and various perspectives about life in general. Divided We Fall is their third full-length album which shares both individual and collective aspects of the current worldwide circumstances, intelligent thoughts about certain topics from their own perspective which are meaningfully deep and made a personal impact on their lives. These topics are accompanied by astonishing melodic music full of magnificent moments. The arrangements are thoughtfully implemented, so this material is constantly overflowing with an enormous dosage of perfectly executed guitar structures and melodies, greatly performed basslines, and impressive drumming that constantly takes a breath away as each composition passes by. Zombies No combine the essence of melodic punk rock and ferocity of hardcore punk attitude with such ease, it’s nearly impossible to notice even one negative aspect about this album. It’s so hard to pick up one specific musical highlight of Divided We Fall because the entire album is comprised of the divided musical highlights that uphold the attention of a listener from a very beginning to the end. The outstanding musicianship of these skillful musicians is so divine that you’ll probably spend a lot of your time by enjoying in this ridiculously amazing album. Divide We Fall has been published by Umlaut Records in Europe and Humano Derecho Records in South America. It’s available on a compact disc, but it’s also listenable on all the streaming services, so don’t even think of missing this album out.

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