Maltheist – S/T (Nailbat Tapes)


Today we have a band from Portland with such an interesting name. Maltheism is philosophy with promotes religion as malicious and gods are a necessary evil and do only evil things to mankind. Maltheist perfectly suits as a band name for the style of music they play. Despite the fact that band exists as a duo, that doesn’t stop them to create and record some evil stuff in the vein of the best death metal and grind bands would do. As a longtime fan of grindcore, this tape is right up my alley with growls, screams, amazing riffs and tons of blast beats. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I can hear the influences taken from powerviolence scene which can only be a bonus. All the tracks are no longer than two minutes which only proves my philosophy that all the good stuff is always under two minutes. I can only imagine how their album will sound if their demo tape sounds this good. The tape is already sold out, but visit their bandcamp page and enjoy in some deathgrind chaos.