Double Feature – American Dream Not Found LP (Stupid Rad Records)


Double Feature is a four-piece punk rock band coming from Chicago, IL and American Dream Not Found is their second full-length album which brings us back to the golden years of melodic punk rock. Double Feature base their sound on melodic punk rock music usually played by the bands who surrounds labels such as Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chord and Nitro Records, so some of their songs may remind you of bands like NOFX, Ten Foot Pole, Frenzal Rhomb, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon, The Lillingtons and many others. It almost feels like bands like Ten Foot Pole and NOFX influenced Double Feature the most because the vocals irresistibly reminiscent the vocals of Dennis Jagard (Ten Foot Pole), while the music is an awesome mix of these two bands, but of course, with the personal touch of the musicians involved in Double Feature, which brought a lot of innovations and improved the sound in many positive ways. Lyric-wise, the band deals with standard topics, from sociopolitical, by describing the current political scene both locally and globally, through personal events and experiences with large amounts of satire and humor, all to raise awareness among the consumers of their incredible material. American Dream Not Found reminds all fans of melodic punk rock that this musical direction can bring plenty of novelty and sound so fresh in 2019. The album is well-produced, it sounds just like the album should sound in this modern age, but without too much studio makeups, so the sound is slightly raw beside the melodic aspect of an album. The band also made a visual effort to convey the message that the American dream is a pervasive lie that only rare examples can live in the age of global capitalism, so the band decided to use one of the classic illustrations of the 50s that depicts a team of well-mannered ladies and gents grilling at the backyard, reminding us of the visual manipulations of the state in order to positively represent the American Dream at that age. The album has been published by Stupid Rad Records and it’s available in both colored and standard black vinyl.