Brand New Lungs – Like Wildfire CD (Thousand Islands Records)


Brand New Lungs is a phenomenal punk rock band from Montreal, and Like Wildfire is their debut release that brings twelve amazing songs which will force you to listen to it over and over again. The band is musically focused on the distinctive sounds of melodic punk rock, with a touch of pop-punk and skate punk, and their debut material exudes brilliantly balanced songs that have everything every punk rock band should possess. By using classic fast rhythms characteristic for the skate punk scene, melodies that express all the emotions, from the positive to the negative aspects of those emotions, all the way to the phenomenal main vocals and perfectly mixed backing vocals, Like Wildfire can be easily classified as one of the top ten punk rock albums of this year. Their music conveys the experience these skillful musicians have gained by performing in their previous bands, they have brought innovative tunes that perfectly express the atmosphere and feelings that the guys of Brand New Lungs want to express. They’ve managed to do that through the confrontation of the two guitars which are supported by the warm sounds of the bass guitar and the amazing performance of the drummer which, by the way, adds a lot of dynamics to this phenomenal band. You will certainly have some troubles to choose your favorite songs on this album, as each song has something unique which is difficult to describe, but on the other hand perfectly reasonable to force you to listen to it over and over again. Brand New Lungs is just another indication that the Canadian punk rock scene is strong and that Canadians do not have to worry about the percentage of good bands. Like Wildfire has been released by Thousand Islands Records, a Canadian punk rock label with tons of great releases, so I recommend you check out their website and treat your ears with one of the most amazing albums this year.

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