Bottlekids – Bottlekids 12” EP (Shitrat Records)


Bottlekids are powerful punk rock trio from Chepstow, UK and today we are covering their debut self-titled 12” EP which by all the means sound like a charm. The band started as a cover band, but luckily they pulled out some tricks from their sleeves and managed to compose and record a couple of songs for their debut EP. The best part is a very organic sound of these skillful musicians which really suits to the blend of punk rock they’re playing. Their music is perhaps somewhere near pop-punk mixed up with punk rock, but with a lot more technicalities involved in the arrangements. Guitar sounds have that organic layer of distortion, it’s not over distorted at all, but also not too clean for the standards of punk rock. It’s right somewhere in between so it can perfectly perform all the ideas the band thought of. Sound of the bass guitar is clean and chunky, it’s presentable all the time just right under the layer of guitars, so you can hear everything without any fuss. Drums are giving a dose of that punches right between the eyes, it’s textured very well and that sound of the snare drums is so ridiculously divine. It’s more than clear that the band thought about everything and considering this is their first recording, this self-titled EP is more than a good starting point in their career. To be fair, it can pair to any recording of much more popular bands of the same music genre. What’s more important, the band is carrying the beautiful flag od DIY ethics, they’ve gathered some money and self-released their EP on the 12” standard 140gram black vinyl and by that they’re avoiding any fuss with big money demanding recording labels. Everything is packed in a black record sleeve with a cover artwork placed in the top left corner. This material is also available digitally at Bottlekids bandcamp page, so pay them a visit and support their music. This is proof what a couple of individuals can do with their music if they just pull their sleeves and work hard together. Give them a chance and enjoy in some great punk rock tunes.






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