Capture Culture – Moments (Industrial Coast)


Moments are debut album by Capture Culture, Richmond, VA based ambient drone act. Separated into three compositions, Capture Culture is bringing much more sacral side of a dark ambient drone exploration through the unexplored depths of nothingness. Luckily, this fine avant-garde sound artist knows what he’s doing with all the granular synthesis transformed into beautiful almost melodic textures which have been layered until all the three Moments become something like an invitation to some better world than this one we are living in. The constant presence of the keyboards is fighting for dominance all the way through while the complexity of the drones is keeping everything well balanced in the background of the recordings. Keyboards are covered with subtle dose od the delay and the feedback is not spoiling the melodies, reverb is giving some more depth to the compositions and it seems that the string instruments have been used for some of the layers of sound if I am not mistaken. Judging by the quality of those recordings, Capture Culture is a skillful sound artist who possesses the power to transform simplified tones into orchestral melodies and the result is more than hearable on the Moments. Once again, Industrial Coast has done an incredible job with their part. Moments are presented as a cassette release, packed in a beautiful black O-Card shaped cover with minimalistic photography of a riverside, perhaps photographed somewhere in a Richmond area. This cool ambient drone treat is also accompanied by a beautiful abstract postcard and everything is presented in a classic black envelope alike the rest of Industrial Coast catalog. Don’t miss Moments by Capture Culture because you’ll be amazed by the wide variety of multilayered sounds performed by perhaps one of the best sound artists of Industrial Coast roster.



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