Negative Meditation – Remember To Say ”Thank You” For The Things You Haven’t Had (Industrial Coast)


If I am not mistaken, Remember To Say ”Thank You” For The Things You Haven’t Had is the first cassette release Industrial Coast has published and accordingly to the artists bandcamp page, Negative Meditation is a dark ambient project of Ekatherina Mokhnach from Moscow, Russia. This project is, to say the least, dark ambient project because there’s a lot of things going on while on the other hand, Ekatherina is trying to simplify her tracks and put them into much more minimalist form. One thing is for sure, the sound sources she used as a starting point for this album are very pleasing to the ears, especially {{{3}}}, which is fourth and the most minimalistic composition beside {{{5}}}. Both tracks are very relaxing, almost perfect for meditation and they’re such a nice contrast to the rest of this interesting material. The rest of the tunes are much more oriented towards the industrial, musique concrete and dark ambient music, but Negative Meditation is cleverly playing with all the vital elements of these avant-garde forms of expression, so you have to pay closer attention while listening and you might catch a true intention of the artist. The minimalistic approach to this particular genre is putting dark ambient on a whole new level, it proves that you don’t need tons of layers of overproduced sounds so you can create and compose a brilliant material which will definitely satisfy the cravings of the audience. Remember To Say ”Thank You” For The Things You Haven’t Had comes with two beautiful postcards, one representing the industrial part of this project and the second one is depicting a skull covered with grunge textures in a very abstract way. Still, the main focus is on a brilliant front cover artwork which reminds me a lot of some industrial imagery with all those glitched silhouettes placed beside one another. This album symbolizes a great start for Industrial Coast as a label and it puts Negative Meditation at the top of minimal dark ambient scene.