Panties – Questionable Content (Industrial Coast)


Panties is an experimental noise project hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia and his experimentations with various musical equipment can be best described as a classic noise focusing on minimal movements of occasionally static, but pleasant cacophony. Questionable Content consists of a comprehensive collection of 40 tracks names exactly the same as the album, so the artist is clearly focusing more on his experimentations than on the various themes. Nevertheless, Panties is making a few jumps into much harsher sound by using various effects like ring mod, chorus, flanger, tremolo, but thematically the artist stays at the same path with a clear aim to simply annoy the listeners with tons of bleeps, bloops, microphonics, plus other unpleasant and disturbing noises you can possibly imagine. To be fair, this is pretty good material which will suit well to all the experimental noise enthusiasts who are not in search for some multichannel recorded noise, but they are looking out for some more minimal, static and well recorded noise experimentations closer to something performed by some of the modern experimental noise artists. As I said before, Questionable Content comes separated in 40 minute and a half sonic explorations which have been published on pink cassettes, packed in O-Card cardboard artworks, then sealed in white envelopes by the Industrial Coast, an experimental label based in the UK which is specialized in noise, ambient, drone and other avant-garde genres. You can purchase this tape by visiting the Industrial Coast bigcartel page, but act fast since this tape has been published in limited quantities of 20 copies.