Getting Away With Treason – Welcome


Can’t even remember when I was this excited while listening to some new music, especially because it’s one of my favorite genres, melodic hardcore punk. But it would be so foolish of me if I would just categorize Getting Away With Treason as just a plain and simple melodic hardcore punk band. Their debut material shortly called Welcome is more than a nine simple and plain hardcore songs. It’s coming out of the speakers like a blast full of melancholic melodies, screaming raging vocals, fast tempos and these are wonderful melodic anthems mostly dedicated to these turbulent times we are all living in. Guitars are constantly fighting for dominance by firing clusters of melodies, while the warm sound of a bass guitar is reaching out to the surface in various arrangements. Drums are punching without mercy, perhaps they’re key elements of outrageous sound of Getting Away With Treason, beside the amazing screaming vocals of course. The band is expressing various emotions through their music, but the constant presence of the discontent is perhaps the most hearable on this recording. From the very beginnings of the Welcome, to the end of the material, Getting Away With Treason are giving their best to go beyond the range of the classic melodic hardcore punk band and I am more than positively sure you’ll be blown away by the quality of their debut album. Welcome has been published totally DIY by the band, it’s available as a cassette release through their bandcamp page and I highly recommend this awesome release for all the fans of melancholic music with an attitude. Even the packaging is so beautiful, with the orange O-Card cover surrounding the tape colored in almost the same orange tone. The front cover artwork presents diluted politicians with a pair of giant scissors in their hands. Such a strong message which goes great with the powerful music of Getting Away With Treason.