V0Xx – Obsidian (Industrial Coast)


Industrial Coast was pretty much active before their summer break and one of the tapes that have been published in this years batch was Obsidian by Montreal, Canada based V0Xx. Behind the very impressive abstract cover, lays a collection of eight compositions that ranges from classic ambient drone stuff to more harsh noise or power electronics experimentations. It would be a mistake if you presume this is just another noise project in the vast sea of various incarnations of the relatively same old, same old academy of noise. V0Xx is dealing with a lot more ambient approach to power electronics, so the pleasant multichannel recordings of static noise are decorated with layers of various granular synthesis and slightly distorted repetitive drones. This Canadian noise act is also paying a lot of attention to the production and levels of his recordings, so both low, middle and highs are presented in each composition without oscillations in sound quality. The constant presence of the white noise on almost all the tunes is giving something like a signature to V0Xx recordings, but I personally think that’s because of the high levels of distortion this artist is using to overlay his sound source. Such a thoughtfully recorded, well produced and perfectly executed ambient power electronics which will perhaps more suit to the lovers of pleasant ambiance than to fans of classic power electronic recordings. Obsidian has been published on the black cassette, it has been accompanied by the beautiful multilayered abstract cover artwork made in black, grey and white tones and it kindly represents this wonderful experimental material. The cassette is packed in O-Card styled cover, then in a white envelope which has become recognizable for all the Industrial Coast releases. Two postcards are added as a bonus, one has been made by the artist and the other is presented by the label. Music-wise, you can’t go wrong with this one. It possesses all the key elements of avant-garde experimental music but in a brand new beautiful art form.