Šajzerbiterlemon – Iza Naših Zidova (Geenger Records)


Punk rock expanded in so many ways since is official beginnings sometime in the 60s with expansion of rock bands who aimed for much dirtier sound than rock purists, till today when punk rock is often mixed with whatever genre you wish for. Usually, bands are aiming high, but the lack of passion and anger in their performances is what makes the distinction between those who truly love what they’re doing from those who are just a bunch of poseur musicians who are bragging to the crowd. Iza Naših Zidova by Šajzerbiterlemon is one of those debut records which shapes the musical direction these three creative musicians are heading to. It’s a comprehensive soundtrack consisted of od eight hard-hitting garage punk tunes full of depleted emotions presented through very interesting arrangements. But, Šajzerbiterlemon are not plain and simple garage punk band. Their music also possesses very crude and abrasive elements of post-punk, noise rock, rock’n’roll and indie music which will shake your feelings upside down and perhaps in any other desired direction. Šajzerbiterlemon are here to perform what they know the best and it’s up to you to steer the wheel of moods you prefer at the present moment. Instruments are hearable more than equally, with drummer Ana being a among the highlights of this trio. Her abilities to transform simple rhythms into sheer energy are enormous and the distorted basslines are completing rhythm section, so the guitars have plenty of room for various sonic explorations. Vocals are fulfilling their role on this material with all those hypnotic sections which are more than trippy all the time. Šajzerbiterlemon thought about each part of their debut record and they presented their ideas in a very unique way, so perhaps is not naive to say they’re proper leaders of newer Serbian alternative music scene. Iza Naših Zidova is available digitally at Geenger Records bandcamp page, so make sure to check out this one and also the rest of Geenger Records roster which consists of a lot of quality bands.