Edward In Venice – Empathy (LockJaw Records)


LockJaw began as a small bedroom hardcore punk label and become one of the biggest publishing engines for melodic music in the UK. Their roster counts enormous number of quality bands ranging from plain punk rock to more complex post hardcore. Hey, they even have their coffee blend, which is great considering I’m a coffee addict. Empathy by Edward In Venice is their latest release published couple of days ago and it’s a pretty rad material which will suit up to all the fans of modern post hardcore. Edward In Venice are bringing post hardcore to the next level by incorporating pop punk, emo core and elements of classic hardcore in their compositions and pretty neat vocals are taking their music on a whole new level. These guys know how to blend emotions and melodies together and deliver it as slightly chaotic, but precisely played structures presented in seven separated compositions which will blow your ears away with melancholic guitar chords, math core scales and ridiculously brilliant bass lines, which should be placed at the spotlight on some arrangements. Drums are keeping everything together in line, like everything would collapse without those perfect beats which are oftenly separated with amazing drumfills. It’s obvious Edward In Venice are skillful musicians who are aware of their capabilites, they simply know how to write a proper material and keep everything into one brilliant structure which will shake your emotions from one part of the room to another. Empathy comes as CD delivered in digipack packaging  with minimalistic cover artwork of a blank house covered in dominant pink tones. Everything indicates that Edward In Venice are putting a lot more efforts in their music rather than dealing with graphic solutions for their albums, but that’s the beauty of this band and I totally understand their decision to focus much more on the music, so will you when you take a listen to the brilliant Empathy CD.