Stroking Breeze – Appearance Is Deceiving CD


Stroking Breeze are powerful trio from Germany who can’t be placed into one exact genre. Surely, their music can be characterised as metal, but on the other hand Stroking Breeze are dealing with a lot more in their music. There’s plenty of influences involved, from modern metalcore to sludge metal, from goth metal to plain punk rock, but these fine musicians are not stopping there, so they’re easily delivering true spirit of 80s hardcore punk, or some grunge music, but with some metallish twist implemented into it. Some dark atmosphere is following up all of their songs, there’s something gothy, grimy with small presence of a horror feeling added over the top of that very eerie atmosphere. It’s giving some chills down the spine during the listening of this amazing material without any chance for escape, which is quite good by the way, because it sticks the listener right to the theme all the time. Drumming is excelent, with a lot of drum fills implemented here and there and those double basses are giving some nice addition to all the arrangements. Guitar and bass are equally hearable on this compact disc and both female and male vocals are nailing it all the time. Everything indicates we are dealing with some skilled musicians who probably spent a lot of their time in practice rooms. Appearance Is Deceiving is one hell of a material and whoever is into good alternative metal with good addition of various musical influences involved here and there, will be please with this material in it’s entriety. This fine material comes in a pro printed digipack packaging with some dark abstract cover artwork and pro done CD, so everything looks incredible and professionally done. If you’re more into some digital music, don’t worry because Stroking Breeze got you covered with their music being available on all possible platforms on the web, so give this band a hand and take a listen to their music.