Suntrace – Japan EP (Fast Decade Records)


The more I am going deeper into underground skatepunk scene, the more I am realizing how big skatepunk scene in Finland is and if you paid closer attention to this blog, you previously had a chance to read about a ton of good finnish bands. Suntrace are another good band hailing from small town of Kannus and at first I thought I was listening to some Californian band from the first part of the 90s. Seriously, we have some good Fat Wreck worship here. It reminded me of some earlier works by Avail, Ten Foot Pole, Bracket or maybe Satanic Surfers combined all together. Suntrace are not stopping there, so they’re incorporating a lot of earlier hardcore punk, reggae and ska which in my honest opinion works pretty well with standard skatepunk melodies. It’s an already proven formula, but unlike a lot of bands who doesn’t know how to dose those layers of other genres on the foundations of punk, Suntrace are doing it suprisingly well. Japan EP contains four brand new tracks which are reminiscing the good old skate punk days and if this material doesn’t force you to grab your dusty skateboard from your closet and grind that pipe somewhere in your local skate park, than nothing will. This amazing EP comes packed as digipack release and with cool artwork of manga skateboarder on a front cover. Cover artwork is made in red and white tones and it artisticaly reminds me of Japanese national flag, which is quite a cool move of a graphic designer who done this piece of art. Inlay includes photos of band members, thank list and other necessary info, so everything is well combined all together. Japan EP will be up at Fast Decade Records on 03/05/19, so you can check out their rad website then and make sure to check out the rest of their incredible roster as well.