Wedgie – From Insult To Injury CD (Fast Decade Records)


Whoever watched that hilarious 90s cartoon called Mask on Cartoon Network, will probably be familiar with Wedgie, an act of pulling up the material of someone’s underwear tightly between their buttocks as a practical joke, but this time we are talking about a rad band from Finland who are pretty much active since their formation back in 2010. Since then, they’ve published dozens of EP, debut CD back in 2016. and From Insult To Injury is their brand new EP published by Fast Decade Records. As soon as I grabbed this CD into my hands, I’ve realised that Wedgie are thinking about everything, so the cover artwork is pretty neat, illustrating a skeleton with a bucket helmet on a skull while riding a wooden bike. It’s a great overture to their music, because this is one hell of an material. There’s a plenty of everything involved alltogether on a big pile simultaneously called skate punk, but Wedgie are not stopping there. These men are not kidding at all, they perfectly know what they are capable of and they’re pushing boundaries to the max. From the amazing beats and balanced bass lines to the guitars who are separating bare chords, riffs and arpeggios all the time, Wedgie are creating harmonies on their choruses while the verses are still tight and fast enough to keep the listener focused on what’s comes next. Also, these guys know how to write a good arrangements, so you won’t be bored if you listen to their material repeatedly. From Insult To Injury EP comes as digipack CD and it’s available directly from Fast Decade Records, home of fine finnish skate punk bands, so grab this one and loads of more good releases for more than a reasonable prices.