Isotope – S/T LP (Carbonized Records)


Isotope are pretty much active with their debut Final Wind Of Mercy demo tape published back in 2014, through Mindnight Soldier 7” released in 2015, Wake Up Screaming cassette EP released in 2017, until today when they have published brand new material as debut S/T LP on Carbonized Records. For those who are not familiar with their music, Isotope are hailing from Oakland, California and their music can be characterized as awesome mixure of d-beat, hardcore punk and more obscure element called japcore which is omnipresent on so many occasions at this self titled album. Unlike a lot of bands who play genres like d-beat or hardcore punk music, Isotope are not sticking to the exact matter all the time, so there’s a lot explorations in other musical genres such as heavy metal and rock’n’roll which gives a bit of freshness to the same old good riffs and guitar solos. Rhythm section are not shy either, so rhytms are mostly decorated with a lot of drum rhytms implemented here and there while the bass lines are killing it somewhere in between. Vocals reminded me of some japcore bands a lot, so that’s the reason why I mentioned japcore as some of their main influences and I simply dig singalongs in some of their tracks on this fine self titled LP. Even the cover artwork reminds of some japanese cover designs I’ve seen along the years, so the front cover depicts hellish warrior who’s raising his sword while the demon is wandering somewhere around him. Whole package is done in some stylish monochrome black and while with orange band logo and it really gives a lot to an overall look of the whole release. Just add some silver splatter on a dual color vinyl separated to orange and black and the complete impression about this LP is even more appealing. This amazing self titled LP by Isotope has been published and it’s still available at Carbonized Records, so don’t miss a chance to grab this one if you’re a fan of rock’n’roll driven d-beat music.