Barackca – Recycled Humanity CD


Barackca are legendary Hungarian punk rock band which is formed in Budapest back in 1993. Their politically charged lyrics blended with classic mixure of punk rock and hardcore are directly pointing finger to all injustices of this world and everything is explained in their lyric sheet. I’ve had a chance to listen to their Nyisd Ki A Szád!, a cassette published 19 years ago and the band made a lot of progress since then. Their music is still holding onto punk rock foundations, but their are much more skilled musicians today and they’re paying attention on every detail, from music to graphic solutions for their releases. Barackca are also active as a touring band so you can catch them somewhere in Europe playing live shows, which is vital to any living band today. They played over 700 concerts in 24 europian countries so far and have published 8 pretty fine albums to date and as I am aware of how strong Hungarian scene was and still is today, Barackca are one of the most active bands in eastern Europe. Recycled Humanity is perfectly balanced punk rock album with noticable guitars which are pretty much dominant with classic punk rock riffage while bass lines and drum sections are produced till perfection. Rhythm section holds everything together in line, so the guitars can freely do their job and lead Recycled Humanity to a perfection. As I said before, lyrics have socio-political connotation and they’re based on a criticism towards capitalism, state, social problems, national socialism, racism and all other repressive methods which are still present around the globe today. I’m so glad Barackca are still holding to their attitude after so many years and it seems they’re not quitting it at all. This band is based on a pure necessity for survival, they’re simply here to stay and proudly say what’s wrong about this world. Recycled Humanity CD comes packed in a jewel case with a great militant olive toned cover art with black and red colors all over. Front cover illustrates a lust for oil which is pushed over the years by multinational companies and provided by simply invading the countries who are rich in natural resources. Such an amazing addition to a great music by Barackca and the band also paid full attention to the lyrics, so they’ve translated all the lyrics in English and placed them beside the lyrics written on their native Hungarian language. Recycled Humanity CD is available on the Barackca’s bandcamp page or you can purchase it directly from the band if you catch them somewhere touring.