Failing Up – Sword And The Wall EP


Failing Up are back with their third release and unlike previous releases, this one is published in a limited quantities of twentyfive signed and numbered compact discs.  Sword And The Wall EP delivers slightly heavier music than previous two releases, but the essence of melodic punk rock is still there. Vocals are incredible from start to an end, the vocalist Tanya is giving her best efforts and her vocals goes incredible with standard punk rock riffs which are more than good on this EP. For much clear musical direction, Failing Up performs some kind of punk rock which has been popularized by Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph bands back in the ninetees, but with a lot more down to earth approach and sincerety in lyrics than their precedessors. It seems that Failing Up is comprised of musicians who are constantly evolving from one track to another, each one have different vibe, but it leaves the presence of the same atmosphere on the listener which gives sort of unified effect in the ears after listening of the whole material. So, if you’re fan of a good heavier punk rock recordings with a bit of melody here and there, this is right up your alley. Sword And The Wall comes with a fine illustration of a skeleton knight who’s raising his sword up in the air while standing in front of a huge brick wall. Knight is holding hourglass with wings, so you’ll get the point about the cover artwork as soon as you grab your copy of Sword And The Wall EP which is available in limited quantities directly from the Failing Up or you can grab yourself some digital music directly from their bandcamp page if you fancy that option more.