Abolitionist – Ugly Feeling LP


Abolitionist are back with another banger and this time they have recorded twelve great songs for their Ugly Feeling album. These guys are pretty much active in a past couple of months and after brilliant A New Militance 10” record which we got covered couple of days ago, this is their second material at a same year. Material has been recorded sometime between november and december of 2018, during couple of sessions at Supernatural Studios, located in Oregon City, OR and the sound is incredible. Lyrics are written as short stories and they oftenly deal with current situations or harsh reality of an individual we can all identify with. This could be anyone, character created by the band or someone in particular known by the band. It’s up to you to decide about it, but listen to those lyrics carefully, because you might learn something while listening to the Abolitionist’s music. Speaking of music, each track is a story to itself, but still, this is a straightforward punk rock music we can expect from guys at Abolitionist. Great riffs are still present, occasionaly played as power chords and filled with astonishing melodies. The sound is compact, like all the instruments has been played by one musician at the same time and layer of each instrument is carefully implemented on this great pile we are all calling good music. What I especially love about Abolitionist are their singalong  parts in almost anthemic refrains which are once again amazing and the vocals are recorded to the utmost perfection. Abolitionist are thinking about everything when it comes to recording and publishing, so they are also paying a lot of attention to the graphic solutions for their releases. This time they hired Craig Horky who illustrated their front cover with  a character they’re dealing with in the lyrics, sitting somewhere in the purple woods and looking at the reflection of the older self at the puddle while the dead pig is laying beside him. Such a meaningful cover art about hard times, decisions we all make and probably our diet. Digital version of Ugly Feeling LP will be available sometime between april or mid-may and the vinyl version should be available in july. Couple of labels are working on it and they’re yet to be announced, so pay closer attention to the Abolitionist facebook and bandcamp pages for more details.